Councilor Ilyra Boromar

Nature: NPC
Race: Hobbit
Class: Rogue 3 / Expert 3
Allegiance: Boromar Clan
Occupation: Sharn City Council
Represents: Lower Dura
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Female

Information: The Boromar Clan’s personal representative on the Council. She reports directly to Saidan Boromar, and she has the authority to make executive decisions on behalf of the clan. Her allegiance is obvious, as she is the eldest daughter of Mala and Saidan, but the other council members generally politely overlook it; the Boromars are one of the Sixty families of Sharn, and she does have the skills, credentials, and lineage to compete with any of the other councilors.

Of all of the member of the council, Ilyra is the most ruthless and dangerous. The Boromar Clan prefers to avoid violence, but councilors who oppose Ilyra have disappeared in the past. However, the recent war with Daask has shaken her grip on the council. The Boromar Clan is no longer seen as an infallible, omnipotent force — and so far the majority councilors have refused to devote city resources to battling the Droaamites setting up shop in Sharn. Most are quite pleased with the turn of events, and are waiting for the Boromars to be weakened further before they take any action.

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