Illumined Soul

Nature: Prestige Class

The illumined soul is a living conduit of positive energy. He is able to forge a blade of semisolid psychic energy and infuse it with the essence of the dimension of Irian, so it deals more lethal strikes to the undead. As an illumined soul practices this unique talent, he learns to fill up his being with the power of the plane of Eternal Day, becoming a light in the darkness and turning undead away from his radiance.

Desirous of something more than raw psychic energy, an illumined soul learns to reach behind the sky and form a mental link with the world where positive energy reigns supreme. He entwines this energy with that of his own psionic mastery to create a formidable weapon of brilliance that extinguishes all shadows.

Level Progression

lvl Class Features
1 ●Positive Energy Conduit ●Psychic Strike +1d8
2 ●Positive Energy Channel ●Undead Warding
3 ●Positive Energy Aura ●Undead Mind Bane
4 ●Positive Energy Healing ●Psychic Strike +2d8
5 ●Positive Energy Ray


Skills: Knowledge (Planes) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 3, Heal 2
Alignment: Any non-evil
Special: Form Mind Blade class feature, Enhanced mind blade (+2), Psychic strike +1d8.

Class Traits

Hit Dice: d10. Skill Ranks: 4 +Int mod.
Bab: Good. High Saves: Fortitude & Will.
Class Skills: Heal, Knowledge (Planes), Knowledge (Religion)

Class Features

Mind Blade: Illumined soul levels stack with other class levels when determining the benefits of the "Enhanced Mind Blade" class feature.

1.Positive Energy Conduit (Su): Mindless undead are affected by the character's "Mind Blade" & "Psychic Strike" as if they were sentient undead.

1/4.Psychic Strike (Su): The character's "Psychic Strike" increases by +1d8 (for total of +2d8 extra at 4th lvl).

2.Undead Warding (Ps): Can expend psionic focus to protect self as per the "Death Ward" spell for 1 minute. This protection doesn't apply to saving throws to resist permanent negative levels after the 24 hour period, even if used exactly 24 hours after the original temporary negative level was inflicted.

2.Positive Energy Channel (Su):
●Usable as a Standard action, (3 +Cha mod) times per day.
●Can choose to either heal the living or harm the undead.
●Affects all of selected type in 30-foot radius around self
●Damage cured or inflicted = 1d6 HP per per +1 of their "Enhanced Mind Blade".
●Will save for 1/2 dmg, at Save DC = (Prestige Class Level + Cha mod).
●Can choose to include self in effect or not
●Must be able to present Mind Blade (using it instead of the usual holy symbol)
●Counts as "Channel Energy" for the purpose of prereqs, Feats, and other effects.

3.Undead Mind Bane (Su): The character's Mind Blade(s) is always considered to have the "Bane (undead)" special weapon quality. This is in addition to, calculated separately from, their usual "Enhanced Mind Blade" class ability.

3.Positive Energy Aura (Ex): The character's soul now has such a deep link to the plane of Irian, and their body is so infused with the nature of that dimension, that others of a similar disposition can feel their kinship with the illumined soul. The character gets a +2 bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks when interacting with the Deathless, other illumined souls, and with the native creatures of Irian. Beings who have grown up and spent most of their lives in a manifest zone linked to that plane are considered "natives" for the purpose of this bonus.

However, at this point the illumined soul has become so filled with positive energy that they are possible to notice with the "Detect Deathless" spell, though the caster does recognize that the character isn't an actual deathless creature, but rather something "else" with a similar 'energy signature'.

4.Positive Energy Healing (Su): Your connection with the plane of Eternal Day is now so innate that it provides you with a healing ability that fills you with life energy when your own life force is at risk of going out, but only once per day. This ability self-activated automatically (without any action on your part) on the first occasion in a 24-hour span when your HP drop to 0 or lower.

When this happens, a rush of positive energy floods through the conduit connecting your soul to Irian, instantly healing you of 5d8+5 damage. This healing is timely enough to keep you alive if you would otherwise die from the amount of damage you just took, assuming that the healing it gives leaves you with enough current HP to not be dead.

5.Positive Energy Ray (Su): Can expend psionic focus (as a Standard action which doesn't provoke AoO) in order to fire a ray of positive energy from the tip of their mind blade. This is a ranged touch attack with a range of 60 feet, and deals 2d6 positive energy damage per level (which, logically, only harms those who are subject to harm from positive energy). Can do this once per day per level.

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