Houseruled Spells & Powers

Nature: Houserules

On this page we will try to keep a record of the changes we've done to spells and psionic powers.

General Mechanics

Spell Availability

While the spells a wizard gains for ''free'' when levelling up are to some extent assumed to be developed through personal study and research, and are therefore not affected by the legal prohibitions of the region and the market availability (beyond the spell having to be an already existing spell), any spells that a character wants to find and copy into their spellbook has to actually BE FOUND first, and its owner convinced to give access to it.

If this isn't done ''on screen'' during a gaming session, it will be assumed to take up 1/2 day of searching & negotiation per spell level. This time can't be spent on other things, beyond having a life.

Spells that are heavily regulated in Sharn, like for instance any area-effect fire-spells or dominate-effects, will take between two and four times this time, may require skill rolls to find a willing and able procurer, and may risk the character being put on a terrorist watchlist by the national peacekeepers.

Altered Spells & Powers

1.Bless Weapon

For paladins with the "Divine Hunter" archetype, or those who follow the Silver Flame, this 1st-level Paladin spell DOES give its benefits to projectiles fired from a bow affected by the spell.

4.Psychic Reformation

This 4th-level psionic power has been removed from play, and is considered to not exist.1

To compensate for this, we have houseruled in a class feature for the Psion & Wilder classes that allows them to swap out a Known Power at certain levels (much like how f.ex. the Sorcerer and Bard classes get to replace Known Spells at certain levels). The details for this can be found on the main houserules page.

5.Psionic Revivify

●The option to return someone who has been dead longer than 1 round isn't automatically a part of the spell, but must be paid for as an Augmentation, for +3 Power Points per round after the first.
●The Augmentation that lets you revive an Outsider costs +6 Power Points (not just +2), and increases the cost-per-round in previous point to +4 PP per round after the first.

2.Dimension Leap (+similar)

This spell, and several others in various Eberron-books, are listed as having slightly different/better effects if the caster has the associated Dragonmark or the "Favored in House" feat for the associated House.

For this campaign, just having the "Favored" feat won't be enough to get these benefits, but would have to be closely descended from someone with the actual mark (f.ex. the child or grandchild), be the correct race (f.ex. half-elf offspring can't get spell benefit linked with the Mark of Shadow) and not have another conflicting mark (f.ex. if you're a Favored employee of the House of Making and secretly have the Mark of Passage, you can't get spell benefit linked with Making).

1.Detect Compulsion

A level-1 power that can instantly and effortlessly negate 90 % of plot & drama, by undermining the whole concept of being able to secretly control others through mind-powers? Nope.2

This 1st-level psionic power has been removed from play, and is considered to not exist.

5.Biting Cold

Power from Psionics Expanded, but with fortitude save for staggered effect.

Approved New Spells/Powers

Below are the various new spells & psionic powers, usually found in various supplements, that have been approved thus far, on an individual basis.
(in addition to the spell lists on the PDF's already published on this site, of course).

Magic of Eberron:
●Ancient Knowledge
●Clothier's Closet
●Control Elemental
●Detect Dragonmark
●Dimension Leap
●Expose the Dead
(except with Heal skill)
●Glimpse of Eternity
●Glimpse of the Prophecy.
●Hidden Ward
●Khyber Trap

●Orb of Dancing Death
●Scry Trap
●Semblance of Life
●Speaking Stones
●Spell Snare
●Greater Spell Snare
●Storm Touch
●Wind's Favor
●Psychic Beacon
●Project Quori Spirit

Advanced Class Guide:
●Curse of Burning Sleep
●Repair Undead
●Mirror Hideaway
●Mirror Transport
●Mindlocked Messenger

Ultimate Psionics

Greater Bestow Curse (Dragon Magazine #348)
●Any spell that one of the GM-made Example PC's have listed in their writeup
(thus far, this is mostly Thanario, the Cleric/Wizard/Theurge).

Of course, just because a spell/power is included in the game doesn't automatically mean that the character has access to it.

Ultimate Intrigue Spells

●Aura of the Unremarkable

●Bountiful Banquet
●Build Trust
Compulsive Liar
●Conditional Favor
●Conjuration Foil
●Conjure Carriage
●Cultural Adaptation

●Crime of Opportunity
●Crime Wave
●Crime, Life of

●Curse, Conditional
●Curse of the Outcast

●Dark Whispers
●Deadman's Contingency
(Change: Necromancy, not Evoc.)
●Deceitful Veneer
Deflect Blame

●Detect Anxieties
●Detect Desires

●Detect Faithful
●Detect Magic, Greater

●Entice Fey, Lesser
●Entice Fey
●Entice Fey, Greater
●False Belief
●False Future
●False Resurrection
●False Resurrection, Greater
●False Vision, Greater

●Ghost Brand
●Glimpse of Truth

●Hallucination, Audiovisual
●Hallucination, Auditory
●Hallucination, Complex
●Hallucination, Permanent
●Hallucination, Scripted
●Hallucination, Triggered

●Hollow Heroism
●Hollow Heroism, Greater

●Illusion of Treachery
●Illusion of Treachery, Greater
. . ,

●Know Peerage

●Mage's Decree
●Magic Aura, Greater
●Majestic Image
●Open Book

●Peacebond, Greater
●Phantasmal Affliction
Pocketful of Vipers
●Poisonous Balm
●Pox of Rumours
●Prognostication, True

●Poison, Obscure
●Poison, Overwhelming
●Poison, Swallow

●Red Hand of the Killer
●Reincarnate Spy
●Resplendent Mansion

Shamefully Overdressed

●They Know
●Trace Teleport
●Trade Items
●Treacherous Teleport

●Underbrush Decoy
●Undetectable Trap
●Urban Step

●Voluminous Vocabulary

●Venom, Contingent
●Venom, Languid

●Wizened Appearance

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