Houseruled Items

Nature: Houserules

On this page we will try to keep a record of the changes we've done to magic items & equipment.


Altered Mechanics


Sleeves of Many Garments

Rules Clarifications:
●Note that this is an illusion item, made with the "disguise self" spell. This means that it doesn't transform the clothes, but disguise them. In other words, the change will not have any physical effect. F.ex: Changing a bikini into winter clothes will in no way make them warmer to wear, or prevent you from freezing to death.
●The official writeup says: "The wearer of these sleeves can, when she slips them on, choose to transform her current garments. (…) When she removes the sleeves, her clothes revert to their original form." In other words, the activation happens when you put them on. If you want to change your clothes to something else again, you will have to take them off and put them on again.
Rules Changes:
●This can't produce gems, jewelry, or other costly "add-ons"
●Each pair of these sleeves are 'programmed' with max 5 different outfits to choose between, determined when the item is created, but which will always be adjusted to fit the current wearer (f.ex. shrinking or growing to the right size, adding openings for wings or extra limbs, changing from ball gown to tuxedo or vice versa, etc).
Cost: 600 gp1

Circlet of Persuasion

Ultimate Equipment: "This delicately engraved silver headband grants its wearer…"
●We will be assuming that it's an error that this item was listed in the "head" slot, and that it properly uses the "headband" slot.
●It's sometimes possible to make an item so that it uses a different "body slot" than is customary. This increases the cost by a factor of x1.5.

Further houserules have been requested for this item, by several players, and here's what we've come up with thus far:
●According to books, cost of calculating skill-boosting item is: (Bonus)^2 x100 gp = 3*3*100 = 900 gp for a +3 bonus
●Each ability after the first that is added to a body-slot-using item has its cost multiplied by x1.5
●This gives 900 x1.5 = 1'350 gp for each of the other +3 skill-boosts
●There are 7 Charisma-based skills
●Boosting the first skill costs 900, and the 6 others each costs 1'350, for a total of 9'000 gp.
●The headband's ability to boost all sorts of miscellaneous Charisma-checks (like planar binding contests, or convincing a charmed monster, etc), has no solid guidelines for how we should calculate the cost.
●We'll basically treat it as an 8th skill, adding another 1'350 gp to the cost.

Final Price: 10'350 gp for a Circlet of Persuasion.

Corollary: Using a different slot (f.ex. a "hat of persuasion"), would be x1.5 = 15'525 gp.

Mask of Stony Demeanor

●An item that gives a +5 bonus to the entire Bluff skill costs 2'500 gp, while one which gives +10 costs 10'000 gp ([bonus]^2, multiplied by 100).
●This item, which gives a +10 bonus to 1/3rd of the skill, and +5 to another 1/3rd of the skill, but which gives a -5 on the last (and almost never used) 1/3rd of the skill, is listed as costing 500 gp. That's…..absurd.

Final Price: 3'900 gp for a Mask of Stony Demeanor.

(and given that it costs 10'000 gp for an item that gives +10 to lying, that's not a bad price)


Magic Weapon Traits

Energy Weapons: The basic +1 "energy" abilities (flaming, shock, frost & corrosive) can be assumed be 'upgradeable' to their respective +2 "burst" versions (f.ex. "flaming" into "flaming burst") by paying for the difference between the two.

This also applies to certain powers that lets you temporarily add magic traits to weapons (f.ex. paladin's "divine bond"); for these, adding "flaming" to a weapon which already has that trait results in a "flaming burst" weapon for the duration.

Returning +Returns: If a weapon has the mundane "returns" trait (f.ex. talenta boomerang), and are enchanted to get the magical "returning" weapon ability, there is a small extra benefit: If the character misses on a thrown attack with such a weapon, it returns to their hand before their current turn ends, so that if they have remaining attacks left in a Full-attack action, they can re-use the thrown weapon for one of those. This follows the same rules as the mundane "returns" quality (character needs to correctly throw the weapon, has to successfully catch it when it comes back, etc).

Approved New Items

Below are the various new objects, usually found in various supplements, that have been approved thus far, on an individual basis.
(these are in addition to the contents of the "Ultimate Equipment" book, which can (mostly) be assumed to be ok without asking).

Aureon's Spellshard: A large Eberron dragonshard that's usable as a spellbook, just like a Spellshard, which is mounted on the top of the staff. However, this one can hold the equivalent of 500 pages of spells, and the owner can imprint spells in it without paying the usual material component costs (still need to spend the time to imprint the spells).

Weapon Enhancement: Prehensile
+2'500GP, Whip can as a swift action be used as a rope with grappling hook.

Gloves of Marking (Advanced Class Guide), but with durations halved to 5 rounds, save DC calculated using Cha instead of Dex, and potentially an increase in price (details still being calculated).

Holy Symbol of the Wandering Hunter
Antler inscribed with various landscapes and animals. A piece of hide has been stretched between the points of the antler, which has starcharts used for navigation drawn onto it.
Holy symbol that allows cleric using it to spontaneously convert prepared domain spells to domain spell of the clerics other domain, or to domain spell of lower level.
Must be used while preparing spells, causing it to become the required divine focus for casting the spell afterwards. (Only usable for the animal and travel domains)
Cost: 12'500 gp

Pending Requests

These are player made requests which have not yet been approved for use in the campaign.

Psionic Item Creation

The following is a direct copy from Ultimate Psionics, pages 389-390:
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