Houseruled Feats

Nature: Houserules

On this page we will try to keep a record of the changes we've done to Feats.

Note: A lot of the racial feats concerning cultural styles of combat have (finally) been converted to more properly fit the pathfinder system, and can be found at the Combat Heritage Feats page.

Approved New Feats

Below are the various new feats, usually found in various supplements, that have been approved thus far, on an individual basis.

Boon Companion: Calculate animal companion stats as if you had +4 levels in relevant class, up to max = your character level.
Effortless Trickery: (Prereq: Gnome) Once per round, you can maintain concentration on an Illusion spell as a swift action (instead of the normal standard action)
Magical Epiphany: (available on a trial basis) Once per day, you can prepare a spell in an open spell slot as a Full-round action.
Extraordinary Artisan: Prereq: Any item creation feat. Benefit: Reduces the GP cost needed to craft a magic item by 25%.
Exceptional Artisan: Prereq: Any item creation feat. Benefit: Reduces the base time needed to craft a magic item by 25%.
Stable Gallop


Ultimate Intrigue Feats

Acrobatic Spellcaster: Avoid AoO from casting when already tumbling to avoid AoO from movement
Betrayal Sense: Apply "trap sense" on checks to see through disguises & avoid surprise attacks
Blustering Bluff: Bully people into believing your Bluff
Brilliant Planner: Use gold to fund unspecified plans
But a Scratch: Demoralize foes by playing down a mighty blow

Call Truce: Call for a truce in combat
└►●Entreating Critical: Use a critical hit to convince foes to agree to a truce
Careful Flyer: Avoid Fly checks & AoO when flying slowly
Careful Sneak: Use Stealth slowly without penalty from most armor
└►●Exquisite Sneak: Use Stealth without penalty from most armor
Cat's Fall: Take less damage when falling & always land on your feet
Clambering Escape: After evading, reposition a foe into a blast
Conceal Spell: Conceal evidence of spellcasting
└►●Improved Conceal Spell: Hide powerful spells more easily
Confabulist: Follow a failed lie with another lie
Criminal Reputation: Influence criminals more easily
Cutting Humiliation: Humiliate someone to weaken Charisma-based checks

Deft Catcher: Use Sleight of Hand to avoid dropping an item
Drunkard’s Recovery: Alcohol automatically stabilizes you
Expeditious Sleuth: Search faster & gain a +2 bonus when you take 20
Eye for Ingredients: Save money buying material components
Fool Magic: Use Disguise to fool magic items
Graceful Steal: Do Steal maneuver outside of combat & from containers

Improved Bravery: "Bravery" class feature applies against all mind-affecting effects
Incite Paranoia: Ruin your foes’ teamwork & spread doubt among them
Insightful Advice: Aid allies all day long
Inspiring Bravery: Grant your bravery to allies within 30 feet
Inspiring Mentor: "Inspire competence" bardic performance affects allies within 30 feet
└►●Omnipresent Mentor: "Inspire competence" affects 1 ally for 24 hours
Intoxicating Flattery: Flatter someone to weaken Wisdom-based checks
Ironclad Logic: Gain a +4 bonus on Diplomacy checks & use Int in verbal duels
└►●Play to the Crowd: Learn biases to assist your Diplomacy

Manipulative Agility: Use Sleight of Hand for body-language Bluffs
Martial Dominance: Intimidate with martial training & on critical hits
Misdirection Tactics: While using Total Defense, use Bluff to negate a hit
└►●Misdirection Redirection: When using "Misdirection Tactics", redirect attack to another creature
. .,└►●Misdirection Attack: When using "Misdirection Tactics", attacker provokes an AoO
Nerve-Racking Negotiator: Target of Intimidate doesn’t turn against you later
└►●Threatening Negotiator: Increases Intimidate’s duration to 2d6 hours

Ostentatious Rager: Rage as a performance for money or to distract enemies
Persuasive Bribery: Bribe effectively & without offending others
Piercing Grapple: Impale a foe while grappling
Quick Favor: Follow up quickly on gather information 1/day
Quiet Death: Drop your foes before they make a sound
Ranged Disable: Use a ranged weapon for Disable Device
Ranged Feint: Feint with a ranged weapon
Read Spell Traces: Learn more from magic auras

Sabotage Magic Item: Sabotage an item to cause a mishap
Sabotage Specialist: Items you sabotage fail at a more precise time
Sabotaging Sunder: Break objects through sabotage rather than force
└►●Improved Sabotaging Sunder: Use "Sabotaging Sunder" on more objects & without AoO
Sense Assumptions: Discern which lies would be unbelievable
Sliding Dash: Charge through a foe for a flank attack
Social Bravery: Apply "bravery" class feature against various social attacks
Street Smarts: +2 bonus on Knowledge (local) and Sense Motive checks (+4 if has 10 ranks in the skill)
└►●City Sprinter: Move quickly & safely through urban terrain
└►●Measure Foe: Measure a foe’s combat prowess & gain bonuses
└►●Sense Relationships: Discern relationship between 2 people and use it against them
Subtle Enchantments: Victims & observers might not notice your enchantments
Swipe and Stash: Plant objects on others

Telepathy Tap: Eavesdrop on telepathic communication
True Deception: Fool divinations with Disguise
Unimpeachable Honor: +4 bonus to avoid violating beliefs, –4 penalty on attack & damage rolls vs allies
Walking Sleight: Use Sleight of Hand as a Move action or during a move
Willing Accomplice: Use Bluff to aid ally’s Disguise

Panache Feats
Enrage Opponent: Lower angered opponent’s defenses until they attack you
Lightning Draw: Draw weapons reflexively
Structural Strike: Use "precise strike" against creatures normally immune

Combat Style Feats
Fox Style: (Int 13) Feint & distract with martial training
Fox Insight: You are difficult to feint against & demoralize
Fox Trickery: (Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick) Perform dirty trick maneuver as Attack of Opportunity

Owl Style: (Dex 13, Skill Focus [Stealth], Stealth 1) Use Stealth with martial training & charge with Stealth
Owl Swoop: (Dex 15, Acrobatics 1) Use Acrobatics with martial training & while charging
Owl Dive: (Dex 17, Fly 1, BaB +7 or Monk lvl 5) Use Fly with martial training & charge through any creature

Street Style: (Str 15, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Bull Rush, BaB +4/Mnk lvl 3) Deal extra dmg & bull rush in urban areas
Street Sweep: (BaB +6/Mnk lvl 5) Follow up attack to knock bull-rushed foes prone
Street Carnage: (BaB +8/Mnk lvl 7) Gain ×3 critical multiplier with unarmed strike


Altered Mechanics


We have been getting several questions on whether or not people are allowed to choose this feat, as it seems a lot of folks are used to GM's who won't allow it, so we thought we might as well type up our response here for everyone to see.

Namely: Yes, you can have "Leadership"……..if you can do the extra work involved.

1) "Leadership" is a feat which involves a LOT of extra bookkeeping, and as such it puts an extra burden on the GMs. As such, we are adding the extra requirement that the player is responsible for tracking all the mechanics and numbers and details of this feat, and it has to be done visibly and with full transparency.

By that, we mean that EVERYTHING about your followers and cohort, all the information about how many there are, levels, stats, descriptions, and so on, has to be written up properly and displayed on this wiki, so it's perfectly accessible for both the GMs and the other players.

Basically? If you haven't added something to the wiki? If there's something missing? => It. Does. Not. Exist.

2) You need to have an in-game explanation for who these people are and why they're following your character's orders. Are they cultists? Are they paid employees? Are you a pop-star and they are your devoted fans? There's all sorts of possibilities here, and we're willing to accept a lot of weird concepts, as long as you have a concept. Just saying that you've got descriptionless minions "because I have the feat" isn't enough.

3) The GMs need to be informed that you're planning to take the "Leadership" feat, before you start using it in play, so they can look over your plot-reason for having it, and can do the needed work and rewrites to implement your followers into the setting.

aaaaaand 4) When it comes to calculating your "Leadership" score, which often involves personal-judgement-based evaluation of a situation (f.ex. what does & doesn't qualify as a "special power", or if a character is considered "aloof" or not), these decisions are made by the GM's.

In related news: The page of templates, where we've pre-made the standard formatting for wiki-pages, so people can just copy-paste from there when they can to make one, has been updated to now also include a blank format-setup for making a wiki-page for people's Cohorts.

Devout Arcanist

Prerequisites: Arcane spellcaster, Knowledge (religion) 1, must actually follow the deity/religion whose focus is used.

Effect: You can replace a costly material component a spell normally requires with using a divine focus in the casting process instead. This can replace components of gp worth lower than or equal to the divine focus being used, to a max cost of 100 gp.

Limits: This feat only works for spells that fit within the Domains & portfolio of influence governed by the faith in question.

F.ex: using the holy symbol of the Silver Flame works for "Fireball" (fire is core concept) or "Mage Armor" (given "Protection" domain), but would not replace the gp cost of casting "Animate Dead" to create an undead zombie, nor would it help for spells with the "Evil" descriptor.

This means that gods of magic itself (f.ex. Aureon), are especially useful with this feat, as their portfolio covers (nearly) all arcane magic (some religions might have exceptions).

Psionic Luck

This feat only provides its benefit in situation where having to spend an action on regaining psionic focus is an actual (non-trivial) limitation. Most of the time this would mean during combat, or any other situation where gameplay happens on a round-by-round basis.

Any situation where characters are free to spend time on regaining psionic focus without any sort of drawback (f.ex. while investigating a crime scene or having tea with the neighbors), this feat can't be used to boost an action point expenditure.

Open Minded

You gain 1 skill point for every three Hit Die and/or Character Levels you have, up to a maximum of +6 (at 18th level/HD).

Mind Mask

●When using this feat, decide whether you're going to cloak your alignment
OR hide yourself from detect psionics & detect magic:
You can only get 1 of these benefits at a time.

●The feat doesn't give +1 on will saves


Provided that it makes sense, the various "Tradition"-feats listed in the Combat Heritage document (f.ex. "Valenar Bladebearer", "Mror Stalwart", etc) can be used to fulfill Feat prerequisites in place of "Weapon Focus" for one of the weapons affected by that feat. For example: "Valenar Bladebearer" could be used instead of "Weapon Focus" in (scimitar), (falchion) or (valenar double scimitar).

Hobbit Feats

The "Boomerang Daze" and "Boomerang Ricochet" feats from the Hobbit Feats document have been rewritten and incorporated as part of a new 3-step sequence of Feats, equivalent to the ones found in the Combat Heritages or Weapon Styles documents.

The new ones are as follows:

Hobbit Hunter Style

Prerequisites: Hobbit, BaB +4, Dex 13, Weapon Focus (Talenta Boomerang)
Effects: If you do a Full-attack action, and as your first attack you throw a talenta boomerang, you can attempt to make it a "ricochet attack" by taking a -2 penalty on the attack (chosen before making the roll). This also inflicts a -2 penalty on all your later attacks this round.

If you do this & hit:
●The attack deals damage normally
●You also get a 2nd attack (at full attack bonus) against a new target within 1 range increment of the first target.
●You determine cover for this attack from the first target’s space instead of your space.
●You can make only 1 additional attack per round with this feat.
●If you have any of the "Vital Strike" feats, you can add the additional damage
from those feats to the initial ranged attack, but not to the 2nd "bounced" attack.

Hobbit Hunter Headshot

Prerequisites: Hobbit Hunter Style, BaB +8, Dex 15
Effects: If you successfully damaged the target with a thrown talenta boomerang in the previous round, then a successful thrown attack on them with a talenta boomerang not only inflicts damage but also forces them to make a Fortitude save (DC 10 +1/2 your lvl +your Dex modifier) to not be "dazed" for 1 round (until just before your next action).

If you do a "ricochet attack", this can "daze" both the first & secondary target,
but then this can't affect any other targets for the rest of the round.

Hobbit Hunter Hailstorm

Prerequisites: Hobbit Hunter Headshot, BaB +12, Dex 17
Effects: As a standard action, you can make 1 single ranged thrown weapon attack with a talenta boomerang, at your full attack bonus.

●If you hit, you deal damage normally and get to make an additional attack on a new target.
●Each time you hit you get to make a new attack.
●You can make a max number of attacks = (1 +1 per 4 BaB).

●The next target must be within 1 range increment of the previous target.
●You can't attack an individual target more than once during this attack action.
●You determine cover for each attack from the most recently hit foe’s space instead of from your space.

●No more than 3 of these targets can be affected by the previous "Headshot" feat,
& you must choose whether or not you attempt to daze a victim before you roll the attack.
This is still limited to those you harmed with a thrown talenta boomerang in the previous round.

●If you have any of the "Vital Strike" feats, you can add the additional damage
from those feats only to the initial ranged attack, not to any of the following attacks.


Homebrewed Feats

Reverse Engineering

Prerequisites: Artificer level 3, Intelligence 14, Use Magic Device 3
Effects: You can use the UMD skill with the Intelligence ability (instead of the usual Charisma).


Prerequisites: Character level 7, GM permission
Effects: You gain a loyal companion who follows you around and assists you in your adventures. Whether it's motivated by friendship, hero-worship, love, or something even more sinister, this NPC will help out to the best of their ability. While they do follow your lead most of the time they aren't a slave, and they're only following your orders for as long as they choose to do so. Mistreating your sidekick is a surefire way to be abandoned in the long run.

The max power level of your sidekick is determined by your "Leader" score, as calculated below. The exact abilities of this NPC is worked out between the player and the GM.

"Leader" score = (Character level + Charisma modifier + Reputation + Misc)

Reputation Mod
Great renown +2
Fairness & generosity +1
Special power +1
Reputation Mod
Public failure –1
Aloofness –1
Cruelty –2
You have… Mod
A familiar, bonded mount, or animal companion –2
Different alignment than your sidekick –1
Caused the death of a sidekick –2*

(* = cumulative per sidekick you've gotten killed)

Your relevant reputation here is from the point of view of the sidekick you are trying to attract.

Sidekick Level = You can attract a sidekick of up to max this character level.

Score lvl
1 1st
2 2nd
3 3rd
4 3rd
5 4th
Score lvl
6 5th
7 5th
8 6th
9 7th
10 7th
Score lvl
11 8th
12 9th
13 10th
14 10th
15 11th
Score lvl
16 12th
17 12th
18 13th
19 14th
20 15th
Score lvl
21 15th
22 16th
23 17th
24 17th
25 18th

●Regardless of your "Leader" score, you can only recruit a sidekick who is 1 or more levels lower than yourself.
●The sidekick should be equipped with gear appropriate for an NPC at that character level.
●A sidekick can be of any GM-approved race or class.
●Their alignment can't be opposed to yours on either the law/chaos or good/evil axis.

Talenta Skirmisher

Prerequisites: Talenta Warrior, Mounted Combat, Dinosaur Bond, Ride 14 ranks.
Effects: When your mount moves its speed or less you can still take a Full-attack action, provided you're riding your bonded dinosaur.
Normal: If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only take an attack action.

Greater Theurgy

Prerequisites: Theurgy, Wisdom 15, Int/Cha 15, Arcane CL 5, Divine CL 5, Knowledge (Arcane) 5 ranks, Knowledge (Divine) 5 ranks.
Effects: ●Add 1/2 the levels of your arcane casting class(es) to divine class levels for the purpose of Domain powers, or similar.
●Add 1/2 the levels of your divine casting class(es) to arcane class levels for the purpose of Spell School powers, Bloodline abilities, or similar.
●Levels in a class only count if it has a focus that "supplements" the domain/specialty/bloodline/etc of the other class.

F.ex: A cleric with the "Charm" domain adds 1/2 cleric lvls for the purpose of the "Enchantment" spell school specialization, and/or the "Fey" bloodline, but wouldn't add them to "Necromancy" school or "Undead" bloodline.

A wizard specialized in "Abjuration" adds 1/2 those levels for the effects of the "Protection" domain.
However, they wouldn't add it to the effects of the "Destruction" domain

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