Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast
Subtype: Aquatic

Alignment: Neutral
Size: Large
CR: 1

First Encountered: 35.1 "The Race of Eight Winds"

Description: "This creature has the foreparts of a horse and the hindquarters of a fish. Its forelegs end in splayed fins rather than hooves."

"This beast looks like a cross between a horse and a fish. It has fins instead of hooves and mane, and its equine body trails off into a scaly fish’s tail."

A hippocampus’s scales vary in color from ivory to deep green to cerulean blue with shades of silver.

Information: Hippocampi are the horses of the sea, favored as both racers and as mounts. Aquatic races such as merfolk and locathahs often train hippocampi as steeds or as draft animals used to pull cunningly designed underwater carriages.

In the wild, hippocampi prefer to dwell in relatively shallow waters where their favorite food (seaweed and kelp) is more plentiful and larger predators are less common. These creatures often travel in large schools, analogous to free-roaming herds of wild horses on the surface world.

The hippocampus is relatively easily trained — the amount of work and cost it requires is equivalent to what it takes to train a horse. As armor impacts the creature’s swim speed, those who train hippocampi for war rarely bother to put barding on these creatures — when they do, they generally opt for the lightest armor possible.

Mounted combat on a hippocampus is similar to fighting while riding a horse, although the hippocampus is a clumsy creature on land and can't move at all out of the water if it has a rider weighing it down.

Although a hippocampus has only 2 front legs, its carrying capacity is determined as if it were a quadruped. Therefore it is as follows:
Light load: up to 228 pounds.
Medium load: up to 459 pounds.
Heavy load: up to 690 pounds.

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