Highest Towers

Nature: Location
Type: Civic district in Sharn
Quarter: Central Plateau
Ward: Upper Central
Social: Upper class

Buildings: Council hall, bureaucratic offices, monument/memorial, guard post, temple (Boldrei), upscale lodging (15), upscale food (25), exotic trades (40), upscale trades (60), average trade (60), upscale services (75)

First Impression: The lofty and ornate towers of this district offer panoramic views of the surrounding city. People stride along well-lit streets and gracefully arcing bridges with an air of importance and the smell of great wealth.


Highest Towers is the seat of Sharn's government and includes all the city offices, the council hall, and other civic features.

Highest Towers Locations

Council Hall
City Archive
Airship Docking Tower


Mithral Tower district Skysedge Park district
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The Upper Dura ward ◄West Highest Towers East► Skysedge Park district
Upper Tavick's Landing
▼ South
Upper Menthis ward

Above: Brilliant
Below: Dragon Towers
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