High Walls

Nature: Location
Type: Slum district in Sharn (refugee tenements)
Ward: Lower Tavick's Landing
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Temple (Sovereign Host), shrines (Dragon Below, Radiant Idols), poor lodging (2), poor food (10), poor trades (50), poor services (30), poor residences (440)

First Impression: Many of the buildings in this district are in a state of disrepair or have been vandalized. The people on the streets are haggard and worn, watching everything with suspicious eyes.


The Last War continued for over a century, and alliances shifted many times in its long course. After the destruction of the Glass Tower, the city council became gravely concerned with the threat of sabotage and terrorism. High Walls, a former residential district, was converted into a ghetto for suspicious residents or travelers — a virtual prison camp where foreign nationals could be kept away from the rest of Sharn. All of the bridges to other districts of Sharn were sealed by massive spellbound gates and fortified guard stations.

When the war ended, High Walls was converted to a home for the many refugees of the war — mostly the surviving Cyrans who no longer have a country, but also people whose villages or homes were destroyed, and those who were held captive in High Walls during the war and developed roots there. The gates are generally open, but the guard posts remain. The war may be over for the moment, but the city council still has its suspicions and fears.

High Walls is a self-sufficient community. The trades and services are all refugees putting their skills to work and selling their talents. But there is still a lot of tension and anger in this district. A growing number of Cyrans have embraced the nihilistic beliefs of the Dragon Below or turned to the worship of Radiant Idols, refusing to respect gods who would allow their nation to be destroyed. Former Brelish soldiers may receive an unfriendly welcome in this district, and would be well advised to tread lightly.


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Above: Dancing Shadows
Below: Blackbones
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