High Hope
Nature: Location
Type: Temple district in Sharn
Quarter: Northedge
Ward: Middle Northedge
Social: Middle class

Buildings: Temples (Silver Flame, Sovereign Host, Onatar), shrines (Aureon, Boldrei, Kol Korran, The Undying Court), upscale lodging (5), average lodging (15), upscale food (15), average food (30), exotic trades (23), upscale trades (26), average trades (40), upscale services (40), average services (100), upscale residences (20), average residences (80)

First Impression: Shrines and temples line the suspended streets of High Hope. Compared to the gaudy trappings of Sovereign Towers, High Hope appears plain and functional. However, the temples are large and well maintained, and throngs of devotees fill the streets.


The most impressive temples in Sharn are found in the Sovereign Towers district of Middle Central. But the glory of these monuments is tarnished by the corruption within the churches themselves. High Hope lacks the gilt trappings of Sovereign Towers, but what it lacks in pomp it makes up for with faith and sincerity.

In addition to the three primary temples and the three large shrines, there are a wide range of smaller monuments dedicated to other deities and to religious heroes and martyrs. The people who live in the district or who come to High Hope to pray are typically quiet and serious in their devotions.

Doran Cantar, the councilor of Middle Northedge, lives in High Hope.

High Hope Locations

Coldflame Keep
Daca's Watch


Outside the city
North ▲
Middle Dura ward ◄West High Hope East► Outside of the city
▼ South
Oakbridge district

Above: Shae Lias
Below: Longstairs
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