Hestian ir'Tain

Nature: NPC
Race: Khoravar
Class: Wizard 5 / Cataclysm Mage 1
Allegiance: Wayfinder Foundation & ir'Tain family
Alignment: Unknown
Gender: Male
First Appeared: 1.2 "Where's Wally?"

Description: Hestian is a tall, young-looking, man. He is handsome, and impeccably clad, though is a bit clumsy.

Information: Hestian is a student at Morgrave University, living in upscale apartments on-campus. He is filthy rich, and likes to show it of. He is also a fan of slumming, and regulary goes to the shadier parts of Sharn. Lately he has gone quite a bit of by himself, often coming back with bad hangovers and a look that is not to healthy.

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