Hell Hound

Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtypes: Fire, Evil, Lawful

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 3

First Encountered: 7.2 "Cry Havoc (and let slip the Dogs of War)"

Description: This creature resembles a thin, lanky wolf with reddish-brown fur, white claws, and burning, fiery red eyes. A typical hell hound stands 4–5 feet tall at the shoulder and weighs 120 pounds. Can breathe fire.

Information: Hell hounds are aggressive, fire-breathing canines from one of the hell-like dimensions. Efficient hunters, a favorite pack tactic is to surround prey quietly, then attack with one or two hounds, driving prey toward the rest of the pack with their fiery breath. If the prey doesn’t run, the pack closes in. Hell hounds track fleeing creatures relentlessly.

Relatively intelligent, approaching lower human level of understanding. Hell hounds don't speak, but they understand the Infernal language.

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