Heir Of Siberys

Nature: Prestige Class

The people of Khorvaire have a limited understanding of dragonmarks, and Siberys marks are a complete mystery. The magic of a Siberys mark is undeniably powerful, generally duplicating a spell of 7th or 8th level. Siberys marks are clearly related – visually, thematically, and genetically – to the other marks in their house. A dragonmark heir may spend years perfecting and mastering the powers of his mark, but can never manifest a Siberys mark, while an unmarked scion of a dragonmarked house might suddenly display a Siberys mark against all expectations.

Siberys marks are mighty, unpredictable, and rare, and the dragonmarked houses keep a careful eye on anyone who manifests one. If its power can be used in the service of the house, fine – but an heir of Siberys who does not conceal his dragonmark ability or remain firmly aligned with his house is likely to find himself the target of assassins.


Race: Correct dragonmarked race.
Skills: 12 ranks in any 2 skills.
Feats: Heroic Spirit (in Eberron corebook)
Special: A character who has the Aberrant Dragonmark, Least Dragonmark, Lesser Dragonmark, or Greater Dragonmark feat cannot enter this prestige class. Also, once a character gains any levels in this class, he can’t adopt the dragonmark heir prestige class.

Class Traits

Hit Dice: d8.
Skill Ranks: 2+Int mod.
Class Skills: No new ones.

Level Progression

lvl Class Features Power
1 ●Additional action points, ●Bonus feat -
2 ●Siberys Mark ●+1CL or ●Bonus Feat
3 ●Improved Siberys Mark ●+1CL or ●Bonus Feat


Class Features

1.Additional Action Points: Dragonmark begins to form, so max Action Pnts per lvl increases by 2
1.Bonus Feat: An heir of Siberys gains a bonus feat. The bonus feat must be selected from the following list,
and the heir of Siberys must meet the prerequisites of the feat to select it.
●Action Boost, ●Action Surge, ●Favored in House, ●Pursue, ●Spontaneous Casting.
2.Siberys Mark (Sp): Manifests the full Siberys mark of his house, gaining a spell-like ability from the following list. If the character's mark offers two spell-like abilities, he selects one of them. Saving throws for a Siberys dragonmark power has a DC of 10 +spell lvl +Cha mod. They're CL 15.

Detection: Moment of prescience 1/day.
Finding: Discern location 1/day.
Handling: ●Awaken 1/day
or ●Summon Nature's Ally VI 1/day.
Healing: Mass heal 1/day.
Hospitality: Refuge 1/day.
Making: True creation 1/day
Passage: Greater teleport 1/day.
Scribing: Symbol of death 1/day.
Sentinel: Mind blank 1/day.
Shadow: ●Greater prying eyes 1/day
or ●Greater scrying 1/day.
Storm: Storm of vengeance 1/day.
Warding: Prismatic wall 1/day.

2.Spells per Day: At 2nd & 3rd lvl those who previously had lvls in a spellcasting class get new spells per day as if had also taken lvl in that class. Doesn't, however, gain any other benefit the class normally gives. Basically means that he adds +1 lvl to lvls in 1 casting class, then determines spells per day & CL by that. If no spellcasting classes, get bonus feat instead (must still meet feat prereqs).
3.Improved Siberys Mark (Sp): Can use the Siberys-mark power one additional time per day.

Siberys Heir Characters

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