Quori, Hashalaq (Dreamstealers)
Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Quori

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 9

Description: ''A humanoid wearing an iridescent, pale blue robe stands before you. Hiding its features is a deep hood, from which dim blue light shines. This creature seems to be hovering a few inches off the ground. As you look more closely, you realize that the entire figure, robe and all, is formed from translucent, fleshy tendrils, twined together to mimic a humanoid shape.''

In their natural form, hashalaq quori are composed of hundreds of translucent tendrils, similar to the tentacles of a jellyfish. They can compress and configure these tendrils to form a wide range of simple shapes, from a humanoid figure to a giant floating hand. A point of blue light suspended within the tendrils serves as their sensory organs; they can move this sense organ around to suit their current shape.

Information: They are the loremasters and judges of Dal Quor. Even those hashalaqs who do not have Inspired vessels devote a great deal of time to studying Eberron and the other planes, and they are one of the few quori castes that understand the ways of magic.

They despise physical conflict – they use guile and treachery to defeat opponents. If they are in actual danger, hashalaqs teleport away. They then use their shapeshifting abilities to monitor their foes and strike again when circumstances are in their favor.

In Dal Quor, the hashalaqs are typically found as advisors to the kalaraqs. They also serve as judges, policing the quori and ensuring that the rivalries of the tsucora never threaten the greater plans of the Dreaming Dark.

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