Nature: Race
Type: Monstrous Humanoid

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 4


"This creature looks like an evil-faced old human with the lower body, legs, and wings of a reptilian monster. Its hair is tangled, filthy, and crusted with blood."

"Save for the tattered wings and taloned feet, this creature resembles a feral woman with a wild look about her."

A harpy’s coal-black eyes clearly reflect its evil soul, as do the wicked talons on its knotty fingers. These vile creatures wear no clothing and often wield large, heavy bones as though they were clubs.

Harpies tend to wear baubles and trinkets stolen from their victims, as they like to indulge in the shiny ornaments of mankind. Up close, these creatures reek with the stench of consumed victims, and they rarely let creatures not yet captivated too near, lest they smell the gore and decay upon their feathers. For this reason, many harpies wear perfumes and scented oils.

Harpies appear wildly different in different lands. Some seem like an amalgam of vultures and women, while others bear the regal markings of hawks or falcons in their feathers. Rare clutches of harpies in isolated and tropical parts of the world even have colorful feathers akin to parrots.


A more malignant and wretched creature than the harpy is difficult to imagine. Taking great glee in causing suffering and death, the sadistic harpy is always watching for new victims.

Often viewed as corrupted creatures, harpies know how creatures think and act. This understanding gives them an advantage when it comes to finding their favorite meals. While creatures of the wild easily fall victim to their captivating songs, these vile bird-women prefer their meals spiced with complex sentient thoughts. Easy prey makes for a boring meal.

Harpies like to entrance hapless travelers with their magical songs and lead them to unspeakable torments. Only when a harpy has finished playing with its new “toys” will it release them from suffering by killing and consuming them.

While ultimately savage and without remorse for their actions, a number of harpies have been known to sometimes live close to humanoid societies and enjoy parlaying with creatures that they see as potential meals.

More recently, a fair number of them have settled in Droaam, and become heavily involved in helping to establish this new "monster nation".


A harpy’s song has the power to infect the minds of those that hear it, calling them to the harpy’s side. When a harpy sings, all creatures aside from other harpies within a radius of 300 feet must succeed on Will save or become captivated. A captivated victim moves toward the harpy using the most direct means available. Such creatures can take no actions other than to defend themselves. A victim within 5 feet of the harpy simply stands and offers no resistance to her attacks.

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