Archon, Harbinger

Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Archon

Alignment: Lawful Good
Size: Tiny
CR: 2


A harbinger resembles a whirling mechanical model of a planetary system. Its sun, moons, and planets are crafted of tiny glowing jewels whose color shifts with the harbinger’s mood. Electric arcs and sparks of magical essence dance between its whirling pieces.

The harbinger can dismantle itself into its component parts to squeeze through tiny gaps, its rings dissolving into glowing vapor while its star and planets remain.

A harbinger archon’s voice resembles the ringing of a dozen tiny bells, and regardless of the language the archon speaks, it retains that tinkling musical quality.


Though counted among the least of the archons, harbingers nonetheless remain steadfast in their dedication to combating evil. These tiny beings serve as heralds and assistants for the forces of justice.

When they are in the physical world they advise mortals on how best to serve the causes of order and light. Some even venture to the other Outer Planes as minor ambassadors.

Harbingers can also be bound into service as familiars, a role they accept eagerly, taking full responsibility for guiding their masters’ souls toward salvation. (requires CL 7 and the "Improved Familiar" feat)

They maintain a decidedly practical, if parochial, view of worldly matters. Only rarely does a harbinger want for a parable or proverb apropos to the task at hand.

Powers & Abilities

Spell-Like Abilities: Caster Level 6, Concentration +7.
Constant: ●Detect Evil
At will: ●Dancing lights (lasts until dismissed)
3/day: ●Cure Light Wounds, ●Protection from Evil
1/week: ●Commune (CL 12, 6 questions)

Minor Archon (Ex): Harbingers lack the "aura of menace" & "teleport" abilities of full archons.

Luminous (Ex): They shed light as brightly as a torch under normal conditions, but can dim to a faint glow if desired, and frequently spin off bits of their essence into "dancing lights".

Disassemble (Su): As a move-equivalent action, a harbinger can break apart into its components. This is treated as the ''gaseous form'' spell, except that the harbinger retains its full flight speed & DR, and can't fit through gaps smaller than 1 inch in diameter. Reforming into its normal orrery-form is a Standard action.

Blades (Ex): A harbinger can extend blades from its body to strike with as Primary natural attacks. These blades have a +1 enhancement bonus on attack & damage rolls, and are treated as both Magic and Good-aligned for the purposes of penetrating Damage Reduction.

Wrath (Su): Once per minute, a harbinger archon can emit a blast of energy that deals 2d6 force damage to adjacent creatures, with a DC 12 Reflex save for 1/2 damage. The harbinger can choose to omit any target from this blast that it desires, damaging only those foes it chooses.

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