Nature: Creature
Type: Animal
Subtype: Dinosaur
Scientific Name: Ankylosaurus
Draconic Name: Hurak'eth
Size: Huge. CR: 6

Description: "Thick bony plates armor the domelike back of this quadrupedal dinosaur, its powerfully muscled tail ending in a bony club."

A hammertail is 30 feet long and weighs 6'000 pounds.

Information: The hammertail is a powerful, squat dinosaur more than capable of defending itself against enemies. Its back is heavily armored with thick bony plates and spikes.

A solid blow from a hammertail's tail can leave most creatures stunned long enough for the armored dinosaur to make good an escape, although once confronted, most hammertails are too ill-tempered and stubborn to flee. Instead, they stand their ground and use their tails to great effect in battle.

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