TYPE CR Habitat
Dusk Hag 4 Marshland
Sea Hag 4 Any aquatic
Green Hag 5 Swamp/forest
Annis Hag 6 Heath & moor
Storm Hag 7 Any temperate
Winter Hag 7 Cold forests
Blood Hag 8 Small urban
Night Hag1 9 Demon wastes
Nature: Creature Subtype
Type of: Monstrous Humanoid

Hags are terrifying crones whose love of evil is equaled only by their ugliness, the "wicked witches" from fairytales who blight crops and steal away babies to cook in their cauldrons.

Although they often plot and scheme for power or some malevolent end, hags also appear to do evil for its own sake. They may use their dark magic and knowledge of fell things to serve a more powerful evil being, but they are seldom faithful. They may turn on their master if they see a chance to seize power for themselves.

Although different hags are unique in appearance and mannerism, they have many aspects in common. All take the form of crones whose bent shapes belie their fierce power and swiftness. Despite faces cracked by wrinkles and heavy with cruelty, their eyes shine with villainy and cunning. Their long nails have the strength of steel and are as keen as any knife.


Perhaps their most distinct and notable ability, and the one defining characteristic that all varieties of hag share, is that 3 of them can gather together to form a "coven". This unholy cooperation gives them access to magical power far beyond what they could ever do individually, and is usually the only reason a hag will ever willingly cooperate with another. A coven can consist of any combination of hag types, as long as there are 3 of them, and the composition often determines exactly which fould powers the coven will gain.

More recently, in 986 YK, the coven of powerful hags known as the Daughters of Sora Kell (Katra, Maenya and Teraza) used their amassed armies of monsters and fanatic followers to conquer a region of Breland and establish their own new nation of Droaam. To this day the three hags remain the undisputed tyrants governing that country.

Known Hags


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