Nature: Creature
Type: Construct

Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Large
CR: 15

First Encountered: 28.2 "Magnum Opus"

Description: "This humanoid figure is wrapped from head to toe in strips of scroll parchment and pages from dusty tomes. Pieces of tattered magic belts, robes, and chainmail also seem haphazardly integrated into its form."

Its skeleton is fabricated from old staffs and wands empty of charges, and its skin from expended scrolls wrapped about it like a mummy’s burial cloth. Woven into this are rings, bracers, fragments of leather or chainmail, and the like. Inside the creature are scores of half-empty vials of potions, unguents, and oils, vaguely resembling sets of internal organs. It typically wears a rune-scribed cloak or robe. Pinpoints of red light glare from underneath a hood or old helmet.

From a distance, a grisgol appears to be a mummy, even moving with a similar stiff gait. When it walks, one can hear the tinkling of glass touching glass, the sloshing of half-filled vials and bottles, the squeaking of leather, the rubbing of wood and bone against each other, and, most prominently, the shuffling of paper as if pages of a tome were caught in a slight breeze. Thin tendrils of black smoke escape from cracks in its body. A grisgol leaves a sooty, oily residue upon whatever it touches.

A grisgol stands 8 feet tall and weighs about 400 pounds. It knows all the languages known by the lich whose phylactery animates it.

It is tenacious and relentless, following its creator’s instructions explicitly without regard to strategy.

Information: A grisgol is a horrifying construct composed of broken and worn-out magic items, animated by a powerful spellcaster who has harnessed the spirit of a lich.

Nestled inside the construct, among miscellaneous junk, is the original lich’s phylactery. Unless one knows what animates a grisgol, the phylactery appears as another piece of spent magic trash tossed loosely and randomly into the insides of the construct.

A grisgol is in every way a magic construct, having most of the traits native to golems (notably their distinctive immunity to most magics), in addition to having many of the same innate abilities as the lich that powers it. For instance, a grisgol’s damaging and paralyzing touch attacks are the same as that of a lich.

Even more impressively, using such a highly powerful spellcaster as its energy source allows the construct to "fuel" many of the scrolls and wands and items that composes its body, giving it a full set of increasingly impressive spell-like abilities. Each grisgol gets 1 spell-like ability of each spell level, from spell level 0 on up to spell level 9, where each one is usable once per day. About the only limitation is that these magic powers must be from the same type of magic as the lich whose casting ability is fuelling them (arcane or divine), and if that character had some innate limitation (like f.ex. being barred from using Enchantment spells), then the grisgol is also constrained by that.

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