Nature: Druidic Sect
Alignment: Any non-lawful
Associated Season: Spring

This small druid sect maintains a strong bond with the fey, especially those of the Eldeen Reaches where the tradition has its origins and most of its membership. As wild and chaotic as the forest spirits they revere, the Greensingers embrace revelry as they dance through the magical world of the forest and the fey.

They embody the fickleness and the many faces of nature: both lovely and dangerous at the same moment. Beyond any overriding purpose, they simply are. But should their land be threatened, they come to its defense with the fury of nature unleashed.

The Greensingers often exchange songs and stories with the fairy beings found at the Twilight Demesne, and those who wish to find this fabled place or those who dwell there are generally best off seeking out this druid sect for assistance, as it's the closest this disorganized group has to a "headquarters".

In general, the sect represents the individuality and freedom from social mores that is inherent to nature, as well as the giddy creative force and pure joy that comes with being alive on a sunny day in spring. These are the druids and rangers who believe that being alive is the greatest gift of all, and that it should be enjoyed to the fullest.

But beyond that, they are also the druidic movement which is most accepting of otherworldly beings and influences, and who are most open to the idea that other planes and dimensions are also a part of "nature", even if they don't exactly belong to the nature of this world. This is most obvious with their close alliance with the fairy courts of Thelanis, but though they may not have such friendships with beings from other worlds they are still interested in those worlds.

This is the reason why greensinger druids are also usually the ones most likely to involve themselves with manifest zones, those places where the energy of another dimension "leaks" into and influences a location in this world. Given that these zones are all unique and wildly different from each other, and constitute small islands of exciting newnes where the world has decided to function slightly differently, the greensinger philosophy sees them as worthy of protection and stewardship. After all, the sect is all about new growth, change, individualism, and of accepting being dfferent. So when the landscape itself suddenly decides to be nonconformist, many in the sect see it as a sign that this is "their sort of place".

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