Shadows, Greater
the baron and his two greater shadow "associates"

Nature: Creature
Type: Undead
Subtypes: Incorporeal

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 8

First Encountered: 24.4 "Pyramid Schemes"

Description: "This shadowy figure sways and moves with an erratic grace, as if lit by an unseen fire."

Information: Shadows are creatures of sentient darkness, hating life and light with equal fervor. Their touch bestows the painful chill of nonexistence, making them very dangerous opponents. Natural enemies of all that live, shadows are aggressive and predatory.

Greater shadows are those "normal" shadows that have come to be particularly infused with negative energy, such as those that have spent vast lengths of time in areas of the Plane of Shadow awash in negative energy, or in the dimension of Mabar, or those that have drained the lives of thousands of victims. These undead monsters are often found with a small band of normal shadows, which typically treat a greater shadow as a leader to rally behind.

Baron Elar d'Thuranni has 2 constant companions – greater shadows named Wrem and Wrek - that protect and advise the patriarch, never straying far from his side. Whether he is in Regalport or Sharn or one of the many House Thuranni outposts located throughout the land, the baron’s shadows always accompany him on business and pleasure travel.

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