Mind Stone, Greater
lvl Price
1 4'000 gp
2 16'000 gp
3 36'000 gp
4 64'000 gp
5 100'000 gp
lvl Price
6 144'000 gp
7 196'000 gp
8 256'000 gp
9 324'000 gp
ML 17th
Aura strong clair-
Power the 1 to be
Nature: Psionic Item
Feat: Craft Cognizance Crystal

This opaque crystal faintly pulses with an internal light.

This greater version of the mind stone also contains the knowledge of 1 psionic power, letting the owner manifest that power by spending their own power points, but it doesn't require the owner to implant and permanently bond with the item.

The cost is based on the level of the psionic power granted by the greater mind stone.

●A character must first attune to a greater mind stone before they can benefit from it.
●Attuning takes 1 week of the greater mind stone being in the character's possession.
●A greater mind stone can only be attuned to one creature at any time.

●Once per day, you can spend 1 hour in meditation to draw upon the power of a greater mind stone you've attuned to.
●By doing this you can swap a power that you know (of the same level) for the power stored within the item.
●Once you have placed a power that you know within the stone, you can no longer manifest that power.
●Instead you can now manifest the power formerly stored within the stone instead, as if it was one of your powers known.
●You can meditate again at a later time in order to swap the powers back, or even swap a different power for the new power within the shard, as long as they are all of an equal level.

In effect, you gain the versatility of an extra power known, but gain the ability to manifest that power only by giving up access to a power normally in your repertoire. If you de-attune the stone or the item gets destroyed, you go back to knowing the powers you did before using the greater mind stone.

You can be attuned to a max number of mind stones (both lesser + greater) = (1/2 powers known from class progression). Extra powers known from feats like "Expanded Knowledge" or from effects like "psychic chirurgery" don't increase this limit.

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