Nature: Location
Type: Nightclub
Proprietor: Vachel Thrace
City: Sharn

The Glitterdust is a smoky nightclub in Sharn, legendary among adventurers. Lord Boroman ir'Dayne’s Frostfell expedition launched after a night of revelry here. The royal Aundairian twins Wrel and Wrey danced on the tabletops before they set off on their Dragonreach excursion.

The house band is "the Jumping Horns", and hobgoblins in jet-black glamersuits guard the doors against the canaille. The security goblinoids collect all weapons at the door, enforcing the policy of the current owner, Vachel Thrace. When asked about his policy, Thrace observed “The ladies don't like blood on the dance floor.”

The nightclub is located in the Mark Tower of Sharn. A wrought-iron spiral staircase ducks under the Bridge of Giants to provide access to the club. The south wall is Brelish glass and provides a stunning night-time view of the City of Towers.

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