Nature: Creature
Type: Animal
Subtype: Dinosaur
Scientific Name: Pteranodon
Draconic Name: Abarr'ien
Size: Large. CR: 3

Description: "This flying reptile has two huge wings and a distinctive backward-sweeping crest decorating its head."

"This large, birdlike reptile has a long, toothy beak, a thin headcrest, sharp talons, and small claws at the joints of its leathery wings. Its eyes are large and yellow, and its scaly skin sprouts small tufts of downy feathers."

A glidewing has a wingspan of 30 feet but only weighs 40 pounds.

Information: Glidewings are large pterosaurs, and are the creatures most often used as flying mounts by the hobbits of the Talenta Plains.

The glidewing is not itself technically a dinosaur, as that classification is meant only for land-dwelling creatures, but as a large flying dino-like reptile that is often found in areas dinosaurs are common most non-scholars tend to include it in that group.

Glidewings are fishers, used to hunting their prey on the wing. They don't generally like to fly into a raging melee on the ground, as Its flight lacks grace, so they prefer to land on the ground in order to fight foes it can't just carry away. Conversely, they are much more comfortable in the swoops and dives of aerial combat with other flying creatures or mounts.

Carrying Capacity:
Light load: up to 300 pounds
Medium load: 301 to 600 pounds
Heavy load: 601 to 900 pounds
Drag: 4'500 pounds

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