Giant Owl

Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Size: Huge
CR: 5


"This enormous owl has a silent gracefulness and wisdom about it despite its considerable size."

Giant owls stand 18 feet tall and have 30-foot wingspans, yet they rarely weigh over 600 pounds. Otherwise, they generally resemble their smaller "cousins" in nearly every way except their exceptional size.


Giant owls are nocturnal birds of prey, feared for their ability to hunt and attack in near silence. They are intelligent, and though naturally suspicious, they sometimes associate with creatures they judge to be sufficiently "respectable".

The noble giant owl roosts in the tallest trees or in high caves near its forest home. No mere animals, giant owls pride themselves as intellectuals and keen judges of character.

Little passes a giant owl’s notice in its home forest. What it doesn’t observe directly, it learns from its wide network of animal informants. Giant owls view themselves more as watchers than participants, rarely interfering in the affairs of others barring a threat to their homes.

They attack creatures that appear threatening, especially those intent on raiding the owls’ nest for eggs or fledglings, which fetch a handsome price in many civilized areas. Young owls can be trained and are prized as aerial mounts.


A giant owl can telepathically communicate with other animals, as if under the effects of the spell "speak with animals".

Also, Their senses are particularly well honed to sensing danger or locating prey, to the point that up to 3 times per day a giant owl can gain the effects of the "true seeing" spell for about 5-6 seconds.

Training as Mounts

Although intelligent, a giant owl requires training before it knows how to fly in order to bear a rider in combat. To be allowed to instruct it in this task, a giant owl must have a "Friendly" attitude toward the trainer (whether this is achieved through successful Diplomacy checks or other means).

Training a "Friendly" giant owl requires 6 weeks of work and a successful Handle Animal check. Riding a giant owl requires an exotic saddle. A giant owl can fight while carrying a rider, but the rider can't also attack unless they succeed on a Ride check.

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