Gelatinous Cube

Nature: Creature
Type: Ooze

Alignment: Neutral
Size: Large
CR: 3

Notable traits: Mindless, blindsight, transparent, acidic, paralytic slime, hilarious

Description: This creature looks like a thick wall of quivering, transparent protoplasm. Bits of broken weapons, coins, and often the partially digested skeleton of its most recent victim, are often visible inside the quivering cube of slime.

Gelatinous cubes are generally 10 feet to a side and weigh upward of 15'000 pounds, though subterranean explorers have reported encountering far larger specimens trawling the deepest caves and corridors.

Information: One of the dungeon’s most unusual and specialized predators, gelatinous cubes spend their existence mindlessly roaming dungeon halls and dark caverns, swallowing up organic material such as plants, refuse, carrion, and even living creatures.


The almost perfectly transparent cube travels slowly along dungeon corridors and cave floors, absorbing anything it encounters that it wants to consume. Inorganic material remains trapped and visible inside the cube’s body.

Materials the cube can't digest, such as metal and stone, can eventually fill up the creature’s mass with such detritus, and at times the creature may excrete some of this material out of its body. Often the treasure and belongings of past victims remain inside the gelatinous cube, leaving a ghostly impression of their material remains.

Some beings use gelatinous cubes as protectors of dungeons and underground fortifications. They make particularly efficient waste disposal mechanisims as well — a tribe that can trap a gelatinous cube in a pit or other area that it can't climb out of can use it as a midden or even a deadly trap.

In locations with plentiful sources of food, gelatinous cubes can exist for hundreds of years, if not thousands.

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