Gaze Attack

Nature: Game Mechanics
Type: Type of attack delivery

●A "gaze attack" is an attack that takes effect when foes look at the creature’s eyes.
●It can have any sort of effect (f.ex. petrification, charm, etc).
●The typical range is 30 feet, but check the creature’s entry.

●The type of saving throw varies, but usually Will or Fortitude
●Unless otherwise stated, DC = (10 +1/2 racial HD +Cha mod).
●A successful saving throw negates the effect.
●Each opponent within range of a gaze attack must attempt a saving throw each round at the beginning of his or her turn in the initiative order.

●Only looking directly at a creature with a gaze attack leaves an opponent vulnerable.
●Opponents can avoid the need to make the saving throw by not looking at the creature, in one of 2 ways:

1) Averting Eyes: The opponent avoids looking at the creature’s face, instead looking at its body, watching its shadow, tracking it in a ref lective surface, etc. Each round, the opponent has a 50% chance to avoid having to make a saving throw against the gaze attack. The creature with the gaze attack, however, gains concealment against that opponent.

2) Wearing a Blindfold: The foe can't see the creature at all (also possible to achieve by turning one's back on the creature or shutting one's eyes). The creature with the gaze attack gains total concealment against the opponent.

A creature with a gaze attack can actively gaze as an attack action by choosing a target within range. That opponent must attempt a saving throw but can try to avoid this as described above. Thus, it is possible for an opponent to save against a creature’s gaze twice during the same round, once before the opponent’s action and once during the creature’s turn.

Gaze attacks can affect ethereal opponents. A creature is immune to gaze attacks of others of its kind unless otherwise noted. Allies of the creature might be affected. All the creature's allies are considered to be averting their eyes from the creature, and have a 50% chance to not need to make a saving throw against it each round. The creature can also veil its eyes, thus negating its gaze ability.

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