Nature: NPC
Race: Human lich
Class: Cleric 14
Allegiance: The Keeper of the Dark Six
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male

Description: A set of cruelly spiked full plate armor seems almost empty, as though little more than a skeleton were strapped inside. Bright pinpoints of blood-red light gleam inside the skull-shaped helmet. The figure hefts a black morningstar in its left hand, while its right hand seems to crackle with black energy.

Information: He built the Mausoleum of Gath centuries ago as a temple dedicated to the Keeper. Gath does not reside here or stay here for long, but visits often enough that any who want to talk (rather than intend to fight) seem to manage to find him here.

Most of the time, he haunts various hideouts around the necropolis, mentoring other would-be necromancers and clerics of the Keeper and practicing his dark rites in other mausoleum-temples.

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