Azata, Gancanagh
Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Azata

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Size: Medium
CR: 4

First Encountered: 26.2 "Sins of the Father"

Description: "This incredibly handsome man’s pointed ears and otherworldly grace betray an inhuman beauty."

A typical gancanagh stands 6 feet tall, but weighs only 130 pounds.

While many of them carry whimsical-looking pipes because they like the way they look, they can’t stand smoke, and so rarely make use of them.

A gancanagh’s flute, on the other hand, is a cherished possession, as they enjoy both the beauty of the music and its ability to sway the heart and bring people together.

Information: Male celestials of extraordinary and radiant beauty, gancanaghs are heaven's knights-errant, but they are best known as inveterate wooers of mortals and immortals alike. While gancanaghs are incorrigible flirts, his true attention tends to alight on one man or woman at a time, and he throws himself into wooing and courting his current target. Once they have focused on one person who is worth loving (which in their minds is most people), they work intensely on earning their subject's affections in return, which hopefully leads to a brief but earnest fling…before his quicksilver passions change yet again.

Gancanaghs hate succubi and incubi more than anything else, as they feel that the mere existence of such creatures profanes the spirit of romance. This leads good people with flirtatious and open natures to be vilified and seen as immoral, and contributes to a destructive and unhealthy stigma towards sensuality and expressing love.

One can give a gancanagh no greater offense than to mistake him for an incubus, for they exist to promote the opposite: The wholesome and empowering nature of loving someone else, whether it's for a single night or a whole lifetime, and the holiness that exists in the affection and passion between two people who come together in love.

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