Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (apartment townhomes)
Ward: Lower Tavick's Landing
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Average residences (40), poor residences (220)

First Impression: This district is solid and unremarkable, filled with low-income housing for the people who work the Cogs and the caravan districts of Terminus and Wroann's Gate.


This is a simple residential area, home to Cogs and caravan workers. It is a poor district, plain and unremarkable, made from bare gray stone.


Lower Menthis ward
North ▲
Fallen district (Dura) ◄West Foundation East► Black Arch district
▼ South ▼
Mud Caves (Cliffside) Outside city (river)

Above: Kenton (apartments)
Below: Ashblack (industry)
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