Nature: Creature
Type: Undead
Subtypes: Incorporeal, Fire

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 8

First Encountered: 15.3 "Quest for the Lost Magma-Forge"

Description: "The inky black humanoid form is outlined with fiery red, and fire burns where its eyes would be were it a living person."

Information: The incorporeal spirit of a powerful humanoid consigned to death in the lava furnaces below Sharn, a forgewraith is one of the most fearsome undead creatures found in the city. Some forgewraiths are actually formed from multiple weaker spirits rather than a single powerful soul.

They hate the living and long to see them consumed in a fiery inferno.

In battle, a forgewraith typically attacks first with its "fireball" ability, hoping to immolate average people in the area, then targets a strong opponent with its fiery ray.

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