Forgelight Towers
Nature: Location
Type: Average residential district in Sharn
Quarter: Menthis Plateau
Ward: Lower Menthis
Social: Middle class

Buildings: Upscale residences (40), average residences (280), poor residences (40)

First Impression: Orderly collections of townhouses ring the towers of this quiet district. Children play in the streets and couples stroll arm in arm.


Forgelight Towers mostly succeeds where Center Bridge fails in being a relatively quiet residential neighborhood amid the rowdy chaos of Lower Menthis. A number of older citizens live in Forgelight Towers, long-time homeowners who established their residence here before the ward became quite so seedy. Many of them are fond of complaining how far downhill the neighborhood has gone; others are more interested in sampling the wares in Downstairs and Torchfire.


Lower Central ward
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Lower Dura ward ◄West Forgelight Towers East► Center Bridge district
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Downstairs district

Above: Warden Towers
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