Floating Towers of Arcanix
"As you soar upward, you see 4 castles,
each floating on a rocky island thousands
of feet above the verdant fields of Aundair.

Each castle is a crazy-quilt of different
architectural styles, each more outlandish
than the last.

Periodic flashes of light illuminate the windows,
and every so often a gout of flame or eldritch
energy bursts forth from a door or chimney.
Nature: Location
Type: Academy of magic
City: Arcanix
Country: Aundair
Owned by: Arcane Congress

The Arcane Congress, operates out of the floating towers that hover above the village of Arcanix. Over the centuries, the Arcane Congress has turned its Aundair headquarters into a showcase for the power of magic. Visiting the floating towers means seeing wonders undreamt of by most Aundairians — from baffling illusions to animated contrivances to captured creatures from other dimensions.



The village of Arcanix, located along the southeastern banks of Lake Galifar, is known for the floating towers of wizardry that surround it. These towers serve as places of arcane learning, where the tower mentors help train the next generation of magewrights and wizards.

The village also houses the headquarters of the Arcane Congress, a think tank of wizards and sorcerers charged with improving life through the application of magic, and the organization which founded and runs the Floating Towers.

The members of the congress oversee the towers of wizardry, advise Aundair’s queen on all things magical, and confer with colleagues in the other nations — despite a rivalry with the wizards of the Twelve.

Apprentices come from all over to train as magewrights at the mentors’ sides, and much of the village’s economy revolves around providing for the students. Fewer are the students selected for wizard training, because the mentors hold every candidate to the highest possible standards. While traders and the occasional visitor pass through Arcanix, most of the common folk steer clear of the magically volatile village and the area around it.




The floating towers are at once a college of wizardry and the personal laboratories of some of the most powerful wizards in the Five Nations. Many a would-be magewright or wizard comes to the village of Arcanix, below the towers, hoping to study hard and someday ascend to the lofty ranks of Aundair’s finest arcanists.

The floating towers were built across a strech of over eight hundred years, so their walls have known many architects, both mundane and magical.

The Arcane Congress devotes two of the towers, Glarehold and Amberwall, to training the next generation of magewrights and wizards. Nocturnas and Skyreach, the other two towers, are the residences, libraries, and laboratories of Arcane Congress members. From these two towers the Congress advises the Aundairian crown on magical matters and schemes against its rivals, the Twelve.

Arcane architects aren’t constrained by the square footage within the floating towers’ walls; some rooms exist extradimensionally, and each tower has far more space on the inside than a conventionally made castle would.

In general, the floating towers have smooth stone floors, superior masonry walls, and 15-foot-high wood-paneled ceilings (with 30-foot-high vaulted ceilings in particularly large chambers). There’s no consistency to the doors within the Towers.

The floating towers are too vast to completely map, and such map would be out of date by the time it was completed. Especially in Nocturnas and Skyreach, the wizards are always making magic alterations to their demesnes. Half of the hallways that connect rooms are normal. The other half possess some strange effect.

Arcanix, the village of 800 people, lies directly beneath the floating towers. The residents of Arcanix owe their livelihoods to the academy, from the innkeeper who boards the parents of would-be wizards during the Autumn Entrance Examinations to the stablemaster responsible for exercising the steeds — both mundane and exotic — of some Arcane Congress spellcasters.

Most of the important wizards and sorcerers of the Arcane Congress live in the floating towers themselves, but a few reside in Arcanix.


Most encounters within the walls will be with students and arcane instructors (in Glarehold and Amberwall) or higher-level wizards and their assistants (in Nocturnas and Skyreach).

But the hallways also have monstrous guardians, and out-of-control summoned creatures from conjurations gone awry happen at all four towers.

In addition, the towers are plagued with gargoyles and arcane oozes that sometimes ambush weak-appearing prey. Sporadic attempts by one wizard or another to wipe out the pests haven’t been successful thus far.

The Arcane Congress has a pragmatic attitude toward spellcasting, so it’s not uncommon to see both demons and celestials making pacts with the arcanists of the floating towers. While individual denizens of the towers might be paragons of good or evil, the Arcane Congress as a whole places no stigma on affiliation with either fiends or celestials.


The White Arch

Library of Robideur

Adal's Demesne

Maze of Shadowy Terror

Gate of Xabra

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