Puppeteer, Flesh Harrower

Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast
Subtype: Psionic

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Small
CR: 2

Also Known As: Dire Puppeteer

Notable Appearances:
●5.4 "Cracking Down on Crime"
●6.4 "All Glory To The Hypno-toad"
●7.3 "A Terrible Thing to Waste"

Description: "This bluish-gray, 4-foot long creature has a tail that ends in two protruding, chitinous blades. Its mouth doesn’t open so much as it seems to unfold, almost like a cobra's mantle, revealing a cavernous maw that seems too large for its body and which is filled with row upon row of sharp teeth."

Information: When separated from its masters for a long time, a puppeteer can decide form a colony to protect itself, awaiting the arrival of its mind flayer overlords. The process of establishing a colony involves using a host's body as a breeding ground, incubating a new generation of puppeteers within the unfortunate person. However, roughly half of the numerous spawn that burst from the poor doomed host will be "flesh harrowers".

In a colony, the flesh harrower is the soldier and worker, protecting the brood mother puppeteer and its siblings. When fully grown, the flesh harrower looks like a gigantic slug where one side ends in a terrible slit filled with sharp teeth and the other in two bony, but wickedly sharp, blades. Though unendowed with the ability to control the minds of others, a dire puppeteer can often simply slay a threat directly.

A flesh harrower will generally retreat until it has more soldiers which can help it, or if cornered or protecting a puppeteer, will target the weakest looking enemy. They are quite intelligent, just like normal puppeteers and can both communicate and barter with other creatures through its telepathy. Sometimes it will lead creatures into puppeteer ambushes, but it can also keep communicating to allow their brethren time to escape, take up better positions or to quietly manifest all its defensive powers.

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