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Nature: NPC
Race: Sphinx
Allegiance: Morgrave University
Alignment: True Neutral
First Appeared: 1.3 "Ask Jeeves"
Gender: Female

Description: She has the body of a giant lion, but orange stripes mark her deep-black fur; when she moves, these stripes ripple like flames. Her great falcon wings are pure black, usually folded over her back.

She has the head and face of a beautiful elf woman, though her features are distinctly feline and her hair is the same deep black-and-orange as her coat. She wears a few jeweled chains of platinum and gold around her neck and forelimbs, and a silver diadem rests on her brow.

Information: One of the largest of the recent expeditions to Xen'drik was the Carradan Party of 996 YK. The explorers uncovered the ruins of an ancient city of giants, and in the ruins they found Flamewind. The sphinx said that she had been waiting for them to take her to “the land of the fiends.” The explorers agreed to provide her with a residence at Morgrave University.

Flamewind spends much of her time in Sharn’s libraries and museums. In addition to her firsthand knowledge of Xen'drik hse possesses oracular powers, and is one of the few non-dragons to have studied the Draconic Prophecy.

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