Nature: Equipment
Most people in Eberron do not have access to firearms, similar to how most people in the real world do not have access to laser-weapons.

And yet guns have been invented, as part of the frantic weapons-research done in the final years of the Last War. But this is a very recent technology, still new and experimental, and is far from being perfected.

Given that it's a cutting-edge, highly experimental military technology still under development, it's hardly available to the common public. Heck, hardly anyone is aware that firearms even exist, much less where to get hold of them.

But for those players who have gotten or will get access to these sorts of devices, we present here a PDF-compendium of the collected mechanics covering firearms, both the mundane weapons, what sort of magical enchantments they can be improved with, as well as Feats specifically involving their use.

Do note: Given their current situation as "alpha test"-level devices, this game uses the "Early Firearms" rules option.

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