Nature: City
Type: Metropolis & Capital
Nation: Aundair
Population: 92'500

Its foundation was laid when the Five Nations were young and humans were new to the land. Today, the Royal Court of Fairhold dominates the metropolis’s impressive skyline. The massive complex, whose towers jut some 18 stories into the sky, includes offices for the working government, public courts and halls, a huge hall of records, Aurala’s personal guards, and the living quarters for the royal family.

Since the signing of the Thronehold Accords, the Five Nations have once again opened their embassies, and most of the other recognized nations have also found offices in the city. All of the dragonmarked houses have enclaves in Fairhaven, and it’s easy to do business in the city.

The main campus of the University of Wynarn winds its way through the city’s Knowledge Ward. Though the center of learning stayed open throughout the Last War, there were times when the professors outnumbered the students. Recently, the university issued an open call to all the recognized nations, inviting students to apply for enrollment.

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