Expeditious Messenger
Hit Points 5 1d10
Base A. Bonus +1
Melee Attack +0
Ranged Attack +9
Maneuvers –8
Armor Class +8
Touch AC +8
Flat-footed +4
Maneuvers –4
ABILITY trait mod
Strength 1 –5
Dexterity 18 +4
Constitution - -
Intelligence 8 –1
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 7 –2
Fortitude +0
Reflex +6
Will +1

SKILL Roll Calculating
Escape Artist +8 dex 4 + rank 1 + class 3
Fly +18 dex 4 + rank 0 +perfect 8
+size 6
Stealth +16 dex 4 + rank 0 + size 12
Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Homunculus

Alignment: As creator
Size: Diminutive
CR: 1/3

AC: +4 size, +4 dex
Attack: Sting +9 melee (1d2)
Feats: Lightning Reflexes
Speed: Base: 20 ft,
Fly: 100 ft (perfect)
Initiative: +4

●Low-light vision
●Darkvision 60 feet
●Construct Traits
●Homunculus Traits

Message (Su): Its master can converse with a creature up to 1 mile away through the homunculus. This homunculus is willing to stray farther from its master than most others of its kind, and its telepathic link to its master enables a two-way conversation of indefinite duration.


Looking like a cross between between a tiny dragon and a winged lemur, this bizarre creature is only about 9 inches from its black nose to its barbed tail. Its neck is short and its head is round, while its body and tail are long and sinuous. Downy fur covers its body, and its wings are feathered.

An expeditious messenger, as its name suggests, is designed to quickly carry messages from its creator. It is a speedy flier and, unlike other homunculi, is capable of speech. It speaks and understands the same languages as its creator.


Cost: 1'650 gp to make +50 gp for raw material of body
Prereqs: "arcane eye", "sending"
Craft Skill: Sculpting, DC 16
Caster Level: 4th

An expeditious messenger is formed from soft clay, bits of hair, scales, and feathers

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