Elana Risle

Nature: NPC
Race: Human
Class: Investigator 6
Origins: Breland
Allegiance: Breland and Justice
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Female

First Encountered: 24.3 "Taxi-Service of the Dead"

Long blond hair with a red tinge. Could be beautiful if not for the constant scowl on her face.

Elana has spent month investigating a string of disappearances of nobles. As all others who tried to become involved died, she resolved to work alone, discouraging any who would help her. As she followed the mysterious disappearances around the land, she was sponsored by Beven Nal Morton. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to afford transportation around the country and entry to fancy events where she would look for the culprit. She respected Beven, as he seemed the only person sensible enough to both want the situation resolved without involving himself directly.

So she was quite shocked when it turned out that he was behind it all, and in that moment of weakness when her entire world crumbled around her, Ciriziel seduced her.

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