Nature: NPC
Race: Couatl
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male

First Encountered: 26.2 "Sins of the Father"

Information: Resided in the garrison-town of Harrowton in southern Thrane for over a decade, where he became first adoptive father of Kaith & Kahlia (half-fiendish teenage brother & sister. 14 & 15 years old, respectively), and then the biological father of Coref (a 10-year-old half-celestial boy).

Came to the region in order to stop the demon Parua who had set himself up a satanic cult and was using it to terrorize the population. Once he had managed to trap the fiend in a proper khybershard containment trap, he was left with 2 infant half-fiends who needed someone to care for them, and a city of people who might not understand that the children were just as much innocent victims as the rest of them.

So he stayed for a while as he subtly looked around for someone who could be trusted as forster parents, and once he found a prospective new mother he took the time to make sure she was up for the task. In so doing, however, he fell in love, and after millennia of loneliness the prospect of a family and a community to belong to was too much to pass up. He stayed even longer, and soon a third half-breed child came along.

He stayed as hidden and under the radar as he could, in the hopes of avoiding attention if his presence should become know, as it would draw in pilgrims and devotees, distracting people from the act of living good and wholesome lives.

When he was eventually discovered by the outside world, he was forced to leave, with his children taken care of by their new foster-family, until they're old enough to seek him out on their own. After all, he still had a trapped demon that he needed to dispose of, and with him gone the local community would avoid attracting too much unwelcome attention.

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