Nature: Creature
Type: Aberration

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Large
CR: 13

First Encountered: 25.1 "The Empire Strikes Best"

Description: "This beast’s bulbous body perches atop 4 sucker-ended, multi-jointed legs, and has 2 gnashing, ophidian maws."

Information: Dwiergeths hunt wildernesses where the Gatekeeper-seals have grown weak, where they digest prey in a gnawing process of transdimensional rumination.

Sure-footed dwiergeths leap and sprint along vertical surfaces with disturbing ease, and often cling to cliff sides for hours or even days, waiting for prey to approach from either above or below.

They have a supernatural mastery over the wind as well, and make use of their spell-like abilities to cause climbers to fall from cliffs or flying creatures to be dashed against rocky walls — it’s easier to eat bleeding, broken meat, after all.

A dwiergeth’s anatomy is often difficult for humanoids to comprehend. Trembling bristles protruding from the creature’s flesh act as eyes, allowing it to see in all directions at once, but the monster's strangest feature are its guts: Although dissection of a slain dwiergeth reveals a single coiling digestive tract filled with sharp teeth winding from one of its mouths through its bulbous body to the other mouth, the entrails of a living dwiergeth actually extend into other strange dimensions generated by the monster’s Xoriat heritage, being "hand"-crafted by the daelkyr themselves.

This "forever-gullet" keeps anything and anyone eaten by a dwiergeth trapped in an endless recursion of lethally digesting innards, for even those victims who manage to carve their way out of the current "stomach" only find themselves entering yet another nigh-identical stomach. What is worse is that this "crumpling-up" of spatial dimensions isn't just limited to the inside of the beast, but has an effect which extends to the area around its physical body: Any teleportation-like effect, any magic or psionics that tries to move things instantly through space, risks getting diverted and ending up inside the digestive tract of the nearby dwiergeth instead.

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