Nature: NPC
Race: Threehorn (Triceratops)
Origins: Talenta Plains
Alignment: True Neutral

First Encountered: 29.1 "Dances with Dinosaurs"

Information: A baby dinosaur, who kragath was set up with when he asked to be allowed to practice before the big wrangling-competition during the talenta plains dinosaur rodeo.

Kragath, who had ever even held a lasso before, much less used one, handled himself so poorly during his rehersals that he accidentally got entangled in his own ropes. In the end, the little infant threehorn walked over to the would-be dwarf "cowboy" and put its paw on him, just like it had seen hobbit wranglers do upon having trussed up their subjects, and struck a pose as if to say "I win!".


The story this inspired was so popular, and grew so much in the telling, that by the next day kragath was asked if he'd be willing to participate in a rematch against the same puppy threehorn during the actual competition. This he agreed to, earning him much popularity and respect from the normally sceptical and unfriendly tribesfolk, much because of the sporting attitude and respect towards the dinosaur he showed by doing so.

The actual event was less of a fiasco, though the fact that someone had supplied the dinosaur child with a lasso of its own, enchanted so it was possible for an animal to wield it in its mouth, did make for more of a challenge than one would otherwise have assumed. In the end the little threehorn won the rematch as well, to thunderous applause from the crowds, and earning quite a lot of cheering and well-wishes for both the dinosaur and the dwarf both.

Though he had thus far been too young for anyone to have named him, the little reptilian quickly became recognized under the new name these deeds had earned him.

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