Quori, Du'ulora (Blackfuries)
Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Quori

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Large
CR: 11

Description: ''This creature is a grotesque, bulbous, flying mass that extrudes three thick tendrils, each one capped with a eyeball that augments the central eye in its body. Three pairs of stubby wings protrude from along the sides of its body, and it's difficult to see how they can possibly support its weight.''

A du'ulora is a maelstrom of eyes and wings suspended in a whirlwind of shadow. Although it appears insubstantial, this shadow is actually solid, and the du'ulora fights by grappling its enemies with tentacles formed from this dark matter.

Information: They are spirits of rage capable of driving mortals to unreasoning fury. The burning tendrils of du'ulora sentinels serve as the brawn to the hashalaqs' brains. They often lead other quori in battle, and are the battlefield commanders in their large-scape conflicts.

In times of battle, the du'uloras fight in the vanguard, watching dispassionately as their enemies turn on one another. But while du'uloras feed on the rage of others, they themselves are cold and calculating. They are content to serve the Dreaming Dark. Battle defines their existence, and these creatures spend their lives eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to match wits with a cunning foe.

A du'ulora is a cunning tactician that uses fury as a weapon – it flies to close in with those who seem to use spells or psionics. The rage induced by is own aura of fury grants strength to the du'ulora's enemies, but it also strips them of their ability to use magic or sophisticated tactics as the primal rage overwhelms their higher brain functions. Its other mind control abilities can also force opponents to fight one another, while those foolish enough to enter melee with a du'ulora can be grappled and incinerated with burning rage.

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