Druidic Faiths

Nature: Druidic "religions"
Type: Nature worship
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There are 5 major druidic "sects", which are the different major cultural traditions of nature-worship.
These are 5 different philosophies on how worship of and devotion to nature is done.

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Wardens of
the Wood
of Winter
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Most druids on Khorvaire come from the Eldeen Reaches, where their animistic religion is the dominant faith. Others are found anywhere that nature’s spirit is strong, from the craggy mountains that house the Mror Holds to the fetid swamps of the Shadow Marches. Some of the druidic sects espouse radical philosophies that oppose the use of “unnatural” magic and condemn the building of settlements. All the same, most druids are more moderate in their beliefs about the proper balance of nature, magic, and civilization.


The history of the druids on Eberron stretches back 16'000 years, to a time when orcs and goblinoids ruled the continent of Khorvaire. At that time a dragon named Vvaraak, a great student of astrology, cosmology, and the Draconic Prophecy, foretold a planar invasion of tremendous magnitude. Knowing that the humanoids would have to repel this invasion on their own, she taught those orcs who became the first druids about the bond among the 3 progenitor wyrms of legend, how to tap into their power (especially that of Eberron, the mother of life and the world itself), and showed how they might use these powers to seal the gate between the planes the next time one opened.

The invasion Vvaraak foretold occurred 7'000 years later, when mind flayers and their daelkyr overlords from the dimension of Xoriat stepped through planar gateways and launched an overwhelming attack on the hobgoblin empire of Dhakaan. Because they had kept Vvaraak’s teachings alive, the orc druids were able to seal the planar gateways, striking the decisive blow in the war against the invaders.

Millennia passed. and in time humans came to Khorvaire. The Eldeen Reaches were largely left alone, thanks to tales of the “haunted forest” west of the Wynarn River, which was said to be filled with monsters and demons. Still, over the course of centuries, humans and members of the other common races slowly drifted into the Reaches. Some came in search of land and opportunity. Some came because they were pursuing monsters or fugitives. Others were drawn to the woods, called by a force they could not name.

Deep in the ancient forest, those who heard the call met with the Great Druid Oalian, an "awakened" greatpine who has watched over the woods for more than 4'000 years. He taught those who heard his call the ways of the wild and the duties of the ancient Gatekeepers. His teachings inspired all the druid sects that eventually grew up in the Reaches.

Centuries passed. The druid society grew and spread throughout the forest, which came to be known as the Towering Wood. The younger races naturally brought their own customs and perspectives, and Oalian’s teachings had already begun to diverge from those of the original Gatekeepers. In time, the druids fragmented into a dozen sects. Like most social developments, the process was slow and took hundreds of years, but it happened. And while there are uncountable minor traditions, usually limited to a single settlement or even household, the "main" sects also vary in size and scope.

Not all druids in Khorvaire are aware of their ancient and illustrious history, and few actually recall the central cosmological teachings that enabled the druids of old to act as gatekeepers, policing the boundaries between the planes. These few, however, still pass on Vvaraak’s teachings, trusting that future generations faced with a similar threat from beyond Eberron are prepared to deal with it as their spiritual ancestors did in millennia past. Others, however, have developed new "missions" and causes they champion.

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