il-Lashtavar — The Dreaming Dark

Nature: Religion of the Quori, the aliens from Dal Quor
Type: Monotheism

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favored weapon: Mind Blade
Domains: Evil, Law, Darkness, Madness, Psionics

Description: Although they would not describe it as such, the reverence the quori hold for the darkness within the heart of Dal Quor has typical features of a religion. They have faith in reincarnation, they acknowledge intelligence and power greater than theirs, and they hope that acts of service can influence the Dreaming Dark.

Indeed, the quori known as The Devourer of Dreams is seen as the prophet of il-Lashtavar — one who can help lesser quori communicate directly with the Dreaming Dark.

The quori use the Inspired to transform Eberron, bringing it into closer alignment with Dal Quor and fulfilling the destiny of the Dark. If an Inspired becomes a cleric, she gives her devotion to il-Lashtavar, not the Path of Inspiration.

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