Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast
Heraldry: Tharashk

Alignment: Neutral
Size: Large
CR: 7

Description: "This creature has the features of a lion but the wings and scales of a brass dragon, and a wild mane matching its scales."

"Part giant lion and part dragon, the creature has a pair of small, brass-colored wings sprouting from its shoulders. It is covered with brass-colored scales, and its mane is thick and coarse"

A dragonne has huge claws and fangs, and large eyes, usually the color of its scales. They are about 12 feet long, weigh about 700 pounds, and speak Draconic.

Information: Possessing the savage instincts of lions with the cunning of brass dragons, dragonnes combine the fiercest features of these noble creatures into predators both awe-inspiring and deadly

Dragonnes are not necessarily aggressive toward strangers. Their reputation as remorseless devourers of helpless travelers is more the product of ignorance than well-researched fact.

A dragonne almost always attacks a creature that invades its lair or threatens its territory, so adventurers who stumble across its cave or settlers who attempt to set up camp in the area are often subject to fierce and immediate retaliation. Those not threatening the dragonne’s lair or simply passing through its territory are usually left alone.

Dragonnes prefer herd animals such as goats for food, especially since they don’t fight back as fiercely as humanoids. They attack humanoids only if no other game is available.

A dragonne’s wings are useful only for short flights, carrying the creature for 10 to 30 minutes at a time. Nevertheless, it uses its wings effectively in battle. If opponents attempt to charge or encircle it, the dragonne simply takes to the air and finds a more defensible position.

Despite their deadliness, dragonnes form strong bonds with those they consider members of their pride, sometimes even adopting creatures of other races.

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