Dragon Towers

Nature: Location
Type: Guildhall district in Sharn
Quarter: Central Plateau
Ward: Middle Central
Social: Middle class

Buildings: Dragonmarked house enclaves (12), trade guild halls (20), average lodging (20), average food (35), upscale trades (20), average trades (50), poor trades (15), upscale services (20), average services (35), poor services (13), average residences (120)

First Impression: Wealthy and important-looking people parade through this district with escorts of sycophants and well-armed guards. The sigils of the dragonmarked houses are in abundant view.


Enclaves belonging to the thirteen dragonmarked houses can be found in this district. Of the 13, the most important in Sharn are House Tharashk, House Cannith, House Kundarak, House Sivis, and House Lyrandar. Those five families have the largest enclaves in Dragon Towers, as well as smaller outposts in the areas of the city where they do most of their business.

Dragon Towers Locations

Tharashk Enclave
Globe Information Agency
Cannith Enclave
Kundarak Enclave
Sivis Enclave
Lyrandar Enclave
House Tarkanan


Dava Gate district Sword Point district
▲ North ▲
The Middle Dura ward ◄West Dragon
East► Sword Point district
Middle Tavick's Landing
▼ South
Middle Menthis ward

Above: Highest Towers
Below: Granite Halls
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