Nature: Location
Type: Tavern district in Sharn
Quarter: Menthis Plateau
Ward: Lower Menthis
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Temple (Olladra), average lodging (14), poor lodging (80), average food (25), poor food (120), poor trades (40), poor services (40), poor residences (80).

First Impression: By night, inebriated revelers stumble forth into the crowded streets from dozens of taverns. By day, this district is a virtual ghost town, with only cleaning crews, delivery personnel, and the occasional determined drunk livening up the scene.


Situated on the western end of the plateau, separated from Torchfire and Firelight by the residential neighborhood of Center Bridge, Downstairs is nevertheless a rowdy district. Most of its businesses are taverns rather than fine restaurants (though there are exceptions), and drunken revels are the norm every night. Carousers finished with an evening at the theater in Torchfire or even the upper wards, or fresh from different kinds of activities in Firelight, come Downstairs to cap off the night.

Downstairs Locations

Diamond Theater
Four Sails


Forgelight Towers district
North ▲
The Lower Dura ward ◄West Downstairs East► Center Bridge district
▼ South
Lower Tavick's Landing ward

Above: Cassan Bridge
Ashblack :Below: Blackbones
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