Councilor Doran Cantar

Nature: NPC
Race: Human
Class: Expert 4 / Adept of Boldrei 1 ("Community" Domain)
Allegiance: Sharn City Council
Represents: Middle Northedge
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male

Information: A former advocate, Doran is an honest and devout man dedicated to making a difference for the people of Northedge. He obtained his position largely through charisma and dedication, and the support of the priests of High Hope (where he himself also lives). He often consults with Daca.

He comes from a long line of advocates and mediators. In addition to inheriting the wealth and talents of his family, Doran has a deep and abiding faith in the Sovereign Lady Boldrei, and attributes all of his successes to the good will of the goddess. While he does not serve as a priest, he draws strength and minor mystical abilities from his faith. However, his honesty is often a hindrance in Council intrigues.

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