Nature: Race
Type: Monstrous Humanoid
Subtype: Shapechanger

Size: Medium
CR: 3

Doppelgangers are strange beings that are able to take on the shapes of those they encounter.

Known powers: Mind reading & perfectly copy appearance


"This gaunt, gray-skinned humanoid has long, gangly limbs and a bulbous head with large, octopoid eyes. Its face is otherwise blank and featureless."

In its natural form, the creature looks more or less humanoid, but slender and frail, with gangly limbs and half-formed features. The flesh is pale and hairless. Its large, bulging eyes are yellow with slitted pupils. Their appearance is deceiving even in this form. A doppelganger is hardy, with a natural agility not in keeping with its frail-seeming looks.

It is natural form a doppelganger is about 5.5 feet tall and weighs abut 150 pounds


Doppelgangers make excellent use of their natural mimicry to infiltrate humanoid society. Although not usually evil, they are interested only in themselves and regard all others as playthings to be manipulated and deceived.

Because they can take the shape of any humanoid between 4 and 8 feet tall, doppelgangers are natural spies and assassins. They can sneak past sentries, slip into secured places, and fool even lovers or close friends. They are cunning and patient, willing to wait until an opportunity presents itself instead of attacking rashly.

Doppelgangers prefer infiltrating societies where they can gather wealth and influence, and see little point in forming cities of their own kind. Rather than making themselves targets by taking positions of leadership, they prefer to be the power behind the throne, or use multiple identities to manipulate influential citizens or entire guilds.


They are particularly fond of invading human societies in order to indulge in their desires — some enjoy the complex dance of politics while others seek constant change in the race and gender of both themselves and their romantic companions. While not standard, it is those doppelgangers use their gifts for cruel and sadistic purposes that are most notorious, and these shapeshifters are the primary cause of the race’s sinister reputation.

In Eberron

True doppelgangers are considerably more rare and mysterious than their changeling descendants. While changelings are typically greedy and lazy, using their powers to acquire wealth and comfort within human society, doppelgangers tend to remain in constant motion, acquiring few possessions or friends.

Most doppelgangers revere the Traveler and seek to emulate the stories of this capricious deity. They sell their services as spies, thieves, and assassins, but their true motivations usually lie beyond mere gold. They may assume more subtle roles — craftsfolk, fortune-tellers, priests, or innkeepers — to exchange goods and stories with adventurers. However, as in the tales of the Traveler itself, the gifts of a doppelganger — whether material goods, services, or stories — may have strings attached.

There are rumors of a doppelganger society known as the Cabinet of Faces, composed of acolytes of the Traveler. However, the purpose and organization of this cabal remain a mystery.

Known Doppelgangers


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