Arcane signet ring 150 gp
Arcane signet brooch 75 gp
ID papers, standard 2 gp
ID papers, w. portrait 5 gp
Resilient document +1 gp
Resilient book +100 gp
Letter of credit free
Letter of marque 500 gp
Traveling papers 2 sp
Blank notarized
Sivis document
2 gp


Nature: Equipment

The countries of Khorvaire, especially the nations of the central region, place a greater emphasis on written documents — from forms of identification to letters of credit — than is seen in most campaigns.

Arcane Signet Ring: The dragonmarked houses of Khorvaire use these rings extensively for identification purposes. They resemble ordinary signet rings, but are set with gemstones like more decorative rings. Inside a large, central gemstone, an intricate runic pattern — actually an "arcane mark" — becomes visible when worn by the person for whom it was constructed. It is extremely unusual for anyone who does not have the "Favored in House" feat to carry an arcane signet ring.

Other members of a house, whether actual scions or important hired help, wear signet brooches to identify their affiliation. These items don’t contain an arcane mark, but are well made from expensive materials.

Identification Papers: Most people of the middle and upper classes, at least in the most civilized areas of Khorvaire (Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, Thrane, Zilargo, and the Mror Holds) carry identification papers with them at all times.

Issued by national governments and notarized by House Sivis, these papers present a detailed physical description of a person (the wealthy sometimes commission small portraits of themselves), the person’s name and residence, and in some cases additional information about the person’s affiliations (particularly including any connection to a dragonmarked house, royalty, or a large institution).

Resilient Document: The gnomes of Zilargo are obsessed with the preservation of information. Using alchemical techniques and the exotic woods of Aerenal, the Library of Korranberg developed a material far stronger than paper or parchment.

A resilient document has Hardness 3 and 3 HP; a resilient book has Hardness 3 and 7 HP per inch of thickness. A resilient document is not adversely affected by exposure to water, and has fire resistance 3, which allows it to survive temporary exposure to fire without serious damage.

To create a specific sort of resilient document, add +1 gp to the base cost of that document. A resilient book (such as a wizard’s spellbook) costs an additional +100 gp.

Letter of Credit: House Kundarak, the house that carries the Mark of Warding, operates banks throughout central Khorvaire. A character who has funds on deposit in a Kundarak bank can request from the bank a letter of credit, which allows her to withdraw funds from a different bank branch.

For many characters, this system is a convenient alternative to carrying wealth around in the form of precious gems, jewelry, or coins. Letters of credit are always notarized with an "arcane mark" (usually by gnomes from House Sivis), making them practically impossible to forge. House Kundarak does not charge a fee for issuing letters of credit.

Letter of Marque: The concept of letters of marque originated during the Last War, when the rulers of the warring nations granted adventurers permission to attack ships and assets belonging to other nations. The Treaty of Thronehold declared void all letters of marque that existed at the time, but the idea survives in Breland, though in a rather altered form.

For a fee, the king of Breland now issues papers granting adventurers permission to explore and plunder the ruins of Xen'drik. Though such permission is not technically necessary, wise adventurers are sure to secure it before using Sharn as a launching point for expeditions to Xen'drik.

Those who try to sell treasures from Xen'drik on the open market in Breland must produce a letter of marque or face stiff fines — on top of forfeiting the treasure they won on their adventures.

Traveling Papers: Anyone who travels across national borders is usually required to carry traveling papers identifying them, their residence, their destination, and their reason for travel. Traveling papers consist of a parchment sheet with the appropriate information and an "arcane mark", carried in a leather folder. House Sivis, House Orien, House Deneith, and House Lyrandar all offer traveling papers that are recognized throughout central Khorvaire.

Blank Notarized Sivis Document: A representative of House Sivis notarizes most important legal documents; only an heir with the Least Mark of Scribing can produce this distinctive arcane mark. The "arcane mark" makes things very difficult for forgers. However, unscrupulous members of House Sivis sell blank sheets of parchment inscribed with the arcane mark, allowing forgers to produce whatever documents they require.

Because of their role in counterfeiting, blank Sivis documents are considered contraband. If House Sivis catches an heir producing blank documents, he is immediately disinherited and held in a Sivis jail for treason against the interests of the house.

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